Y’all ready for this?!?

Follow along with a young girl named Dahlia and her trusty Panda sidekick as she sets off on an journey around the globe to save her missing father, who has been kidnapped by Pollo – an evil goat mastermind bent on taking over the world.

Along the way she’ll meet Weatherby Ian Poppington III, a Victorian secret agent better known as “Double Aught Seven” and Wikkity Jones, a world-class roller-disco skating swordsman (or is it samurai?) whose mysterious motivations are not entirely clear.

Paths will be crossed, alliances will be formed, and ninjas will be punched. Will this unlikely band of misfits be able to stop Pollo in time, or is it already too late for Dahlia’s dad – and the world?  Hop onboard the Panda Xpress!, y’all!  Next stop: Adventure!



(Did someone say “hardcover“???)


About PX!

The year was Two Thousand Aught Four, and two lads from the fine state of Warshingtonsville joined forces to create perhaps the  least-known and most-loved webcomic the world had ever seen (or not-seen, in most cases).

For many years, PX! existed only as an online webcomic chronicling the adventures of Dahlia and her unlikely band of travelers.  Readers flocked from far and wide to gaze upon the splendor of the hot-pink HTML code, and sometimes read comics pages.  One time we… er… I mean, the PX! Creators… even posted a story about a snail named Seth Cargo.  That was a pretty fun story.

Ooops, got off track there for a minute… Right – back on the case.

The PX! series made its print debut in 2007 (published through Image Comics) and in 2008 was subsequently nominated for TWO Will Eisner Comic Industry Awards (for Best Publication For Teens and Best Digital Comic – the latter of which was promptly lost to Joss Whedon).

PS: Joss Whedon, we forgive you.


Preview of Chapter One!




Two Idiots!

Manny Trembley (Art Monkey) is a full-time comic book creator, dice thrower, and general leaky firehose of creative malfeasance.  He has singlehandedly kept Kickstarter, Inc. in business for the last three years with various all-ages comic book projects, and intends to continue doing so until the authorities disarm his improvised defenses.  You can follow along with Manny right here.

Eric A. Anderson (Grammar Cowboy) is a video game developer, professional vertex welder, and aspiring mediocre cook.  There was one Christmas where all he really wanted was a set of military-grade Night Vision Goggles, but these days he’d probably settle for some waffles.  When not building fake places on real computers, Eric sometimes posts dumb stuff on the internet.


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